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February 28 2003 – morning

February 28, 2003

South Jersey’s Website has a fantastic article about the passing of Mr. Rogers…explains why even 30-year-old Online Content producers are very, very sad. South Jersey mourns death of Fred Rogers

Seriously…it feels like I’ve lost a relative. I know I’m not alone.

We received about 2 inches of snow but after the Blizzard of ’03, this is child’s play.

Mood: Still hyped up. I have tons of work to do STILL.
Work docket: Hot properties (waiting for ads now), Swift ads, Comic strip sample galleries, start South Jersey Unlimited, learn about new Ad server.
Lunch plans: Well, I BROUGHT a Healthy Choice meal but I may just head to saladworks instead, since the roads are ok. They’re having a Donato’s pizza tasting today from 1-3 so I’d do VERY well to make sure I’m full of veggies before that occurs.
Afternoon: To the gym!
Evening: Unknown.
Saturday: Nicole’s 3rd birthday tomorrow. Must buy gift tomorrow morning. Wings game at 8:00.
Sunday: Alleged ski trip, though I’m less and less enthused about going. Mom’s also under the weather too.

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