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February 13, 2003 – afternoon

February 13, 2003

Woke up from 3.5 hour nap. Feel drunk and comatose. Aha! I should go get a coffee nut latte on the way to Mom’s….that’ll wake me up.

Nutritionally, it’s been a bad day anyway. From the Krimpets this morning to candy to the free pizza (again) at work…to dinner tonight. My self-discipline is gone.

Re: roses. David said that 1800 flowers had a mandatory “flexible delivery” option…that they may deliver a day early. Kinda weirdy, if you ask me. But stunning nonetheless. I’ll take the digital cam to work tomorrow to snap a shot.

As you all know, I get to work dark and early, before the sun dares to rise. Most of the building is still dark. It’s quiet and serene and calm. Every morning, as you all know, I grab a milk at around 7:00am-ish.I cut through a darkened Classifieds Department to a dark Accounting department and make a left into a corridor that leads to a glass door that leads to our cafeteria, which is on the outside wall of the building…lined with tall glass windows.

The last two mornings, when I turn that corner from Accounting, I go from the darkness of an unlit corporate-gray room to the magnificant yellow of a brand-new day of sunlight. I’m literally bathed in light…it’s a tremendous shock, but a beautiful one. So for the last two mornings, I’ve taken 10 minutes of my morning to sit in the cafeteria with my milk and experience the brilliance of early morning sunshine. It is warm and comforting. It makes all of my little quirks, burdens and hangups feel blessedly small and managable. And it makes me yearn again to feel sand between my toes and the sound of the ocean lapping up against the shoreline.

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