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February 12, 2003 – morning

February 12, 2003

You know…when I make crazy statements like, “I’m going to steam clean my carpets after work!” I wish I’d get a mild electric shock or SOMETHING to let me know that I’m being totally unrealistic. What a wack-job I can be.

I’ve been experimenting with…mascara these past few days. I used to wear it all the time, but now it seems to get below my lower lashes making me look like Avril Lavigne or Gwynneth Paltrow in the Royal Tenenbaums. Maybe I need brown instead of brown-black?

Wt: 140.4 (shock!)
Mood: Shocked!
Work Docket: Another woozily busy day ahead. I want to kick out Bridal Guide and now we have a Taste of Home Cooking School special section which has RECIPES in it so that touches two projects instead of one. Oh yeah, throw in a 10:00 conference call just for giggles.
Lunch plans: Saladworks
Afternoon plans: To the gym!
Evening plans: I have to get Mom’s Birthday gift.
What I learned this morning: No matter WHAT time you leave the house, if you get stuck behind a Buick, you’ll be late to work.

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