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February 11, 2003 – evening

February 11, 2003

What a totally awesomely busy day! I took a lot of time to redesign the Bridal Guide. It should be done tomorrow, and I’m very pleased with it. The HC lunch was bearable…but I didn’t pay much attention to it since I really had my WebDiva mojo going on.

THEN…this afternoon I played a bit of Asheron’s Call. Two dear friends and guildmates, Heart of Flame and Monkey Overlord accompanied me to the Legionnaire and Eviscerator Lairs so I could collect pincers (claws taken from an Olthoi, which is an insect-like monster). Upon turning in the two trophies, I received 3,500,000 experience points! Geez!! I’m now 1/2 way to level 58. This is amazing. 🙂

I’ll nuke some soup or something in a few minutes. I really should run the carpet steamer. I mean…REALLY I should.

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