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February 4, 2003 – morning

February 4, 2003

Mood: achy
Work docket: Did static, will update recipes, and do some promo for upcoming job fairs.
Lunch plans: brought a Healthy Choice meal
Afternoon/evening: Obsidian Knight Guild meeting at 9:30 my time.

Last night I ordered “The Hours” and Biz Stone’s book on Blogging from Amazon.com. With free shipping and no tax, it’s cheaper than going to the book store. Warmer, too.

I started reading about XML last night. It seems easy enough (which means I’m missing some huge, difficult concept) but right now I can’t see a use for it. Unless I want to redo the entire recipes database…lol! But, hey, I’m trying to better myself. Eventually the dot-com market will come back. And I’ll be laughing at the nay-sayers!

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