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January 31, 2003 – morning

January 31, 2003

(waiting for ads to generate — seems most of my job is just waiting on other things to be given to me)

Wt: 142.4…VERY interesting…
Mood: In a Friday state of mind
Work docket: Did Entertainment section, will construct war poll, Hot properties, and continue w/Customer Service page
Lunch plans: Well, I brought a frozen lunch, but I’ll probably go out, since I have to get a card for Mark.
Afternoon: Gym. Blech. Just when my neck starts feeling better, it’s time to wack it out again.
Evening: Mark’s 18th birthday party at 6:00 pm. (early start time presumably because Mark will want to go out later)
Weekend: Wings game tomorrow night @ 8:00.

I am so loving my hair! I feel striped!

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