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January 29, 2003 – morning

January 29, 2003

(late morning blog whilst I wait for an ad to convert.)
Wt: Didn’t weigh today
Work docket: Did online mall, finishing End of Month Values, attended 10:00 am conference call, will work on reposting opinion “A” story, and more customer service page ideas.
Lunch plans: Didn’t bring, so I have to go out.
Afternoon: To the gym! (sigh)
Evening: Uncertain. I have a desire to play AC all night again, but the kitchen and bathroom deserve some attention.

Another dusting of snow fell this morning, which was quite a surprise, since I planned on wearing open-toed shoes. Oops. Changed into more sensible shoes (left snowboots here at work) instead. I must have slept oddly, because I have a nasty kink in my neck.

I didn’t watch the State of the Union address…I’m just disgruntled with politics in general. I still have no idea how to get my hair done. I’ve an urge to go sunny blonde again. Maybe because it’s such a dreary winter.

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