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January 24 2003 – morning

January 24, 2003

A moment’s respite while my Hot Properties ads are generated

Wt: 143. I’m not excited. It’s pig-out day
Mood: Gluttonous
Work Docket: Hot properties, Job Fair, Entertainment stuff and in-house promos
Afternoon/Evening: Gym this afternoon. Tonight, we may track down a furniture store so we can FINALLY be done w/the Dining Room. We’re looking for an inexpensive China Closet/Table and Chairs. Maybe a consignment place?
Weekend: Wings Game on Sat. Night. Sunday afternoon at MomMom’s house, early soup dinner at Panera

The cake came out crappy, uneven, disgusting. So at 11:00 I’ll pick up a pizza from Donato’s for the pig-out. If a person can volunteer to bring “paper products” then nobody better turn up their nose at me for ordering a pizza. 🙂 David will take care of the cake, I’m sure. Tim from the Pressroom brought me a bagel w/cream cheese and hot cocoa from Dunkin Donuts this morn. After that, I’m going to have a sensible lunch. Stuff from the fruit and veggie platters and a devilled egg. Bottle of water. That’s IT.

(checks…ads not done yet)

This week has been one of the LONGEST workweeks in my life. I’ll be glad when 2:00 rolls around.

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