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January 19, 2003 – morning

January 19, 2003

Wt: Are you kidding? I ate so much yesterday that I’m not weighing myself until Tuesday.
Mood: Daunted
At home: The bad thing about being a sloth all week after work is that your weekends are filled making sure health inspectors won’t condemn your living quarters. I’ll probably break down and haul some laundry to Mom’s. Her washer/dryer are much bigger than mine. The Eagles play at 3 pm. If they win, then they’re going to the SuperBowl. Fortunately, I don’t care about the game. Mom&I plan to go to Panera (where I’ll have LOWFAT chicken noodle soup and salad) this afternoon. Maybe about 4ish. Royal Rumble is tonight at 8:00 pm. Oddly, this is more important to me than the Eagles game. I’ll bring my knitting.

Oh yeah…my knitting. After about 45 minutes and Martha freaking Stewart’s vague instructions, I managed to cast off (on?) a row of cute lil’ stitches onto my needle last night. While I was toiling, Charlie was munching away at my yarn. So I get ready to start knitting my first row and –bam– my yarn ends. WTF? Lovely. Charlie managed to eat through the strand I was pulling from the skein. Darn cat. That’s ok. I’ll have the last laugh. I’m starting to mix ‘weight-control’ food with their Ocean Flavor Friskies.

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