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January 14, 2003 – morning

January 14, 2003

Quickie blog while I download a 29 MB database….

Wt: 144.8. Now this is just wrong…I lost 4 lbs in a day? Granted, I didn’t have a full dinner last night, but four pounds? Now I’m wondering if I need a new scale or not.

Mood: perplexed

Work docket: Already did Static section, downloading obituary database now for weekly count, will probably redesign some sections, and work on PERL.

Lunch Plans: Lean Cuisine Southern Beef Tips. Should be delightful.

Afternoon: Return Christmas to storage. Vacuum (sp?) and do laundry.

Evening: I’m in the mood to bake something. I have to try and peel myself away from The Sims Online — although Jump Java & Wail is turning out to be a very cute little coffeeshop.

Blogger was down last night, else I would have posted that due to my 2.5 hours of sleep the night before, I crashed on the chaise at 5:00 pm, not to rouse until 8:00 pm, thereby missing my opportunity to go to the gym.

Nasty war-dream last night. The neighborhood where I grew up was being attacked by North Koreans. Swarms of infantry setting fire to the houses. NOT fun. Our neighbors all evacuated beforehand, and we were last to know. Well, I’ve always been behind on trends. (smirk)

Back to work!

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