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January 12, 2003 – evening

January 12, 2003

Just got back from Target, where I went in search of my usual Vassarette hose and the Chicago soundtrack. I left with only socks. 🙁 Firstly, my favorite hose EVER was all marked down on clearance — which doesn’t bode well for its future. None left in my size. Vassarette sells thigh-highs…I don’t like wearing the full-coverage type of pantyhose (TMI alert!!!) The Chicago CD wasn’t in stock — it’s not being released until 1/14. I did see some of the ‘Swell‘ line, but it didn’t really have me whipping out the ol’ debit card.

(sigh) I’d LOVE to have clothing for work that is stylish, affordable, and doesn’t make me look like a crack-whore or a 16 year old hootchie-mama. I KNOW there has got to be a place that can do that for me. Do I really have to start sewing my own again? I hate when I pick up a nice peasant-style blouse, in a great color, and it ends up to be see-through or cut down to my navel or edible. Conversely, I don’t like to look like a prison matron either.

Christmas is halfway dismantled. I’ll finish the rest tomorrow. It’ll be nice to get the boxes out of the apartment. 🙂

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