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January 12, 2003 – evening

January 12, 2003

Now I know why I hate being sick on Fridays (or Mondays for that matter). The weekend is horribly long. Ugh. I’m looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

Eagles won. (Silent weeping). The website for South Jersey’s BEST Newspaper (thanks to Clark) did a fab-u job updating. It was changed after every score — AND — it actually had vidcaps from the game!

Last night I got back in touch with Brian. He and Marilyn are getting married March of 2004 in St. Thomas!!! We’re going to the islands, baby! I love that no matter how long I can go without talking to Brian, we can just start conversing again instantly, like we never skipped a beat. He keeps a blog as well, but his is done with LiveJournal. And it’s his birthday today! Happy Birthday!!

And, in the continuing downward spiral of impending war, the US is now spamming Iraq. The emails are titled “Important Information.” At least they could have been more creative about it and titled them: “re: about lunch plans” or “Increase your size 300%” or even “Save money on printer ink.” Then the recipients could filter them out a bit better. 😉

I tried to write a simple perl program last night, but kept getting Internal Server Errors. Lovely. At least the website’s still up.

Time to close this entry….Mickey’s looking pained.

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