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January 6, 2003 – morning

January 6, 2003

I have a minute to wait for one of my Hot Jobs to convert to .pdf so I’ll do this morning’s entry.

Wt: 145.3 (um…going in wrong direction here)

What a perfect snow! The roads are clear and dry, but the snow clings to everything else. It makes everything look postcard-perfect. We’re supposed to get perhaps another inch this afternoon. With my new blue snowjacket, I’m prepared. Oh yeah, I know wear snowboots in to work and change into my real shoes when I get here. File that under “More signs I’m getting old.”

Work docket: Hot Jobs, work on new “About Us” section, and update our “Keeping the Faith” section.

Lunch: Subway. I got back on the exercise track last week…now I have to start up with the ‘better eating’ portion of my plan.

Afternoon plans: I’ll stop at Genuardi’s on the way home, as I don’t think another day with a donut-dinner will be very beneficial to me.

Took some photos of Misty and Charlie last night, because they were sitting next to each other on the chaise. It took about 7 shots before I got them both with their eyes open and facing forward.

Comments like the above is a reason why Robert Wood, a sociology professor at Rutgers-Camden says that blogging will likely remain a fad. That article amazes me in that it fails to mention either Andrew Sullivan, Mickey Kaus, or Meg Hourihan. Then again, it’s a GNS story. (evil smile)

Hey! My .pdf’s done…back to work!

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