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Market Tulips

Market Tulips

This is a print I bought from Scott Lantz at Pike Place Market.

If I lived in Seattle, or had gone to the market at the beginning of my trip, I’d have bought flowers. This is even better. His website is here.

Michaels is having a sale on its Studio Decor Belmont line of frames. The 5x7s are $4, 8x10s are $6 and 11x14s are $8. I like to stock up on the frames when they go on sale because I have a photo-printing problem. 😉


Blog’s in need of CPR. Lots going on, but I can’t write about the angst because…well…

(whispers) People at work read my blog. A peril of bragging about your personal website, I s’pose.

Anywho, today Mom&I went to the Philadelphia Art Museum to see the Dali exhibit. Except that the exhibition was sold out…and is until 5/16 apparently. I would have checked it online, but the page was down. So we ended up seeing the non-Dali works. No biggie. But I really wanted to see some messed-up stuff.

No, I did not run up the Art Museum steps. I’ve done it before, anyway. It’s a rite of passage here. 😉

Everyone is so hushed and reverential in the museum. Until they reach the modern/abstract section. Then the eyes roll. I seriously think that the ‘art’ that consists of splattered paint or a black streak on white canvas hurts the art world more than the experts imagine.

Mom likes Monet. She asked me who my favorite artist was. I drew a blank. (Yeah, you THOUGHT I was going to say Walt Disney, didn’t you? Ha!) How uncouth can I be? I have no favorite artists. Must research this ‘art’ thing.

Yesterday Thor and I (but mostly Thor) tore some bushes out from the front of our house. They were mostly dead and blocked the living room windows. We (mostly Thor) sawed them down to some stumps, which won’t budge. So tomorrow I’ll have to call a stump-removal guy.

Ugh. See how boring this is now? There is SO much angst I could share but noooooooooo… I had to advertise my blog at work and I really don’t want them all knowing my business.

Quote from (non-blogging) brother: “Your blog is boring now. The last time you posted it was about a library.”

Resolution: Posts every day this week.

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