Angry Man Farm update – tomato and pepper sprouts!

March 20, 2023

Today is the first day of spring — we made it, friends! The sun is out longer and even though the winter was mild, there’s a hint of warmer weather in the air that is exhilarating! Let’s talk about the garden!

We’re seeing some progress with our tomato and pepper seeds. Firstly, my whole setup for these seedlings looks like a NICU bed. I have lights over each tray and heating elements under each tray.

two seed trays under lights in my garage

None of these seeds were purchased this year, so I completely expected some to not germinate at all.

tomato seed tray. ten of sixteen cups have at least one sprout

I’m pretty proud of the Angry Man Farm Varietals which are the seeds descended from the first batch of roma cherry tomatoes we planted. This is the fourth year of that line and they all sprouted immediately and are overall larger. The seeds are also less than a year old.

pepper tray - four of twelve pods have visible seedings, but there's more action than the camera picked up.

The jalapeno peppers are finally starting to sprout. It’s difficult to see in the photo but the stems are just starting to appear below the soil’s surface. I was so nervous about the seeds being bad that I requested some from the library’s seed program. But they’re troupers.

My seed potatoes arrived from Burpee this weekend! I have them cut in half and drying out a little before I plant. ‘m going to start some basil and parsley in the four empty pods and hopefully I’ll be able to fertilize the outdoor beds this week with the 12-0-0 mix I bought this weekend. I also bought some perlite to loosen up the soil because it gets really heavy and compacted. Everything’s growing!

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