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A long weekend with a longer one to come

January 16, 2023

This is what a three-day weekend looks like when you’re a middle-aged adult:

An AI-generated image of me looking regal in honor of Spare
An AI-generated image of me looking regal in honor of Spare.
  • Clean out freezer
  • Clean out pantry
  • Discard years-old unmatched socks
  • Laundry
  • Wings & beer lunch
  • Bake bread
  • Vacuum
  • Change and wash sheets
  • Make dentist appointment
  • Consider cancelling mammogram, reconsider
  • Read
  • Grocery shop
  • Write some postcards for Postcards to Voters
  • Early bedtime because you spend your days chorin’ around

This will be a short yet hectic workweek because I have a half-day tomorrow (aforementioned mammogram with ultrasound if necessary and I swear to Pete if I need another biopsy I will cut my own bangs), and am off again on Friday for a little bit of adventuring!

I finished Spare and I felt really badly for Harry. As badly as I can feel for a super rich, super privileged man, that is. He writes about how his family operates and how they treated him as a result of that but he’s not dragging them or being cruel. You can tell he loves his father and brother, and he’s saddened that they continue to operate in the same frozen-in-amber ways that they always have. He leaned a little too much on an “Africa is a magical balm to heal your soul” trope, but he’s a colonial guy. When you get to take a private jet and have your own driver and have someone else set up your tent and build the campfire, I’m sure it’s a lovely getaway. I also believe that he wrote himself as a bit more salt-of-the-earth, just-one-of-the-boys dude than he actually is, and that he wrote Meghan as more of an ingenue than she actually was. She’s a smart, savvy, educated lady who had NO idea how bad the paparazzi could be? Nah.

The part about the Royal Family that I don’t understand is that they can get rid of their micromanaging staff and sever ties with the royal rota today and nothing will happen. They’re not going to be fired. Nothing stopped Elizabeth, Charles, William, and Kate from standing with H&M against the racist stories except their staffers telling them that that’s just something that wasn’t done. So, do it? Let’s not pretend that their ancestors didn’t behead people for far less treachery. But they’re so desperate to cling to their old ways that they won’t. The most relatable thing William did in the book was blow off things he didn’t want to do at the last minute because he had kids.

I give Spare (Kindle version, purchased) four stars because it delivered all I wanted and more. It would have been five stars but the military part did not interest me at all. Next book on tap is Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn. I keep trying with these self-help books!

I also started making Valentine cards for a swap that I’m in. It’s been months since I’ve made a card, mostly because the state of my craft room is in flux. Rather than do my cutesy little die-cut and stamp process, I bought an envelope of nature-themed ephemera from eBay and am using it combined with torn scraps of paper I already had. It’s a very vintage look and I’m thrilled. I’ll share photos after they’ve been sent.

Our dear Murphy turned six on Sunday. His red blood cell level remains at a perfect 45% as we continue to taper him off of the steroids. His next blood test is Thursday norming. He’s chunking up a little because the meds make him extremely hungry and since I work from home and cannot have him pawing at me all day I’ve been a bit heavy on the treats. Every time we make efforts to find Murphy a brother, he tosses us a health problem. I wonder if he secretly wants to be an Only?

the most adorable black and white spaniel you've ever seen holding a large stuffed donut
Murffles and his stuffed donut

And I am halfway through this year’s 30 Days of Yoga program, which is always an accomplishment. That’s it for now! Have a lovely day tomorrow and keep a good thought for my boobs. I’ve posted so many beach pictures over the years that they’re basically featured characters on the blog! 😉

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