The gratitude cycle

March 6, 2022

A few weeks years ago we noticed that our dryer stopped efficiently drying clothes. Regular loads would take two cycles to dry, but we dealt with it, because after 8 or 9 years in the apartment with a communal downstairs laundromat, having our own washer and dryer were a luxury no matter how long it took to dry.

But lately the loads started taking three cycles to dry. We did a little research, moved some money from savings and bought a dryer. It arrived on Thursday and is a beauty! (she says, firmly embracing middle age) There are different cycles and different temperatures and most importantly, it does NOT play music when it’s finished.

two clothes dryers in my garage
Old on the left, new on the right. The dryer is in the garage, which is why the surroundings look like a garage.

This is a very boring story to be sure, but what I keep marveling at is that it was that easy. We moved money that we already had saved and bought it. There have been many years that something like this would have meant we would have had to budget for a few months to save the money for the dryer. Or we’d put the dryer on a credit card and pay interest.

I appreciate this so much because of those lean years. I appreciate this so much because so many can’t. Do the people who grew up with money and having things handed to them as adults feel gratitude like this? I don’t know how they could…

And that’s it. Nothing profound, just a blog post.

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