No book review

October 21, 2014

Normally I have a book review on Tuesdays, but with only 50 pages left of A Discovery of Witches I found this on my Nook reader:



Bah. Because of my -ahem- rereading of certain parts of Outlander, I lost track of when I checked ADW out. I’m back on the hold list at the library and am amusing myself with The Night Circus while I wait.

For the longest time I would fume because Kindle books regularly drop to $4.99 or so while Nook books are usually always above $10. But I did some reading and downloaded the Calibre E-book manager (not a sponsored link, I suck, etc.). That way I can grab books for cheap on Amazon (like The Night Circus and then read them on the free Kindle app ORRRRRRR move them to my Nook. DRM drives me crazy.

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