This is my life.

October 24, 2013

I’ve been feeling a need for inspiration lately, and Pinterest isn’t scratching that itch in a way that I’d like. Pinterest is great for inspiration about STUFF but not for inspiration of the SOUL. Actually, I think Pinterest is one of the worst places for my soul, with pictures of 0% body fat women titled “INSPIRATION” next to pictures of 5-ingredient pies.

To combat my minor malaise, I bought the eBook copy of “Simple Abundance” (a favorite of mine from the late 90s along with some SARK books which I eventually outgrew) and started a morning reading ritual. I started up a Bucket List / Life List. And through Twitter I stumbled across a site called Brain Pickings which is a compilation of readings that is the perfect balance of smart and creative that I need right now. I’m going to enjoy taking the time to go through it.

This morning before work I saw this image on Brain Pickings:

that semicolon, while correct, bugs me

I like it. I have a printed copy at my desk at work, and I’d also like to find a place to keep it at home.

I also bought a special light to combat SAD. Fifty percent of me thinks light therapy is a bunch of “woo” designed to sell lights BUT it’s pretty nice to turn it on for an hour when I get home from work and things are dark and dreary because fall sucks. We’ll see if it helps.

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