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Links I loved: Week of June 10

June 16, 2012

Happy Saturday! Today WM and I are going to putter around and maybe hit a local craft show. Tomorrow, I have a graduation brunch to go to. (Sunrise, sunset…this girl’s now a high school grad.) In the meantime, here are a few links I chuckled over this week:

From the Hairpin: Texts from Scarlett O’Hara – ignore the fact that the author got the name of Ashley & Melanie’s baby wrong and focus on the backless shimmies!

Chandoo.org – this site is proving invaluable to me for answering pesky Excel questions like, “How do I get these charts to line up with each other???”

The Old With The New: Generations Clash In New ‘Dallas’ – I forgot to record the show (d’oh) but it was neat to see the oldsters back. And the Onion weighs in with: ‘Dallas’ Revival To Feature Elderly J.R. Begging To Be Shot.

Artists Respond to DC’s Back-Breaking ‘Catwoman’ #0 Cover features comical artist renditions of a truly weird cover of Catwoman. Kate Beaton is, as always, spot-on.

And everything in the LennyMud Etsy shop.

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