Sha-la-la-la (ugh, erk)

October 5, 2010

(This post is from October, 2010, and didn’t make it over in the migration to kimberussell.com. I’m adding it manually to make a point.)

It’s time again for the Friday five, and this week’s theme is: Every Sha-La-La-La.

NB: I can’t stand the Carpenters. Their songs are just devoid of joy. They make me want to sleep ’til I fall into a coma. Their Christmas songs are dirges. Moving on../

1. Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

It has to be the large container of french fries I lug around. Those seagulls are really aggressive! I’ve heard that playing Carpenters music will actually stop most birds mid-flight, causing them to fall to the ground with a resounding thud. Other birds will voluntarily fly into buildings and plate glass windows, trying to end the pain.

2. What always gets you down?

That unrequited love exists. And Carpenters songs.

3. If you had to live yesterday once more (literally yesterday, as in Thursday the 14th), which part might be worth writing a pretty pop song about?

Watching the last of the Chilean miners coming out of the tiny shaft. But then the Carpenters would take my happy pretty pop song and ruin it to the point that the miners would want to go back underneath and I would just cut myself to make the pain stop.

Crap. I cheated and pre-wrote this when the questions came out last night so I wouldn’t be late for work today. Let me re-answer for yesterday.

Plotzing through puddles of a cleansing, soaking rain on my way home from work. But then the Carpenters would take my happy pretty pop song and ruin it to the point where I would drown myself in a puddle just to make the pain stop.

4. Where’s the coolest place you’ve been where you could look “down on creation?”

I rode the Insanity ride atop the Stratosphere when I was in Las Vegas all those years ago for my 9th (and final, as it turned out) anniversary. On top of the world one day, in the depths 3 months later.

Only the Carpenters are more painful than that was.

5. What’s something in your life that has only just begun?

My 2010 baking season! Breads and cookies ahead! Even the Carpenters can’t suck the joy out of eating food.

Oh, wait. My bad.

Mood: Rotten. But it’s Friday, which means tonight I’ll have some Bailey’s & Coffee, wrap myself up in a quilt, and leave the stress of the week behind me.

I know what will cheer me up…

Ugh. Erk.

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