Archive - September 13, 2005


I hate spiders. They freak me out. I avoid them. I have nightmares of them dropping on me from the ceiling — nightmares that actually send me scurrying out of bed.

So last week when I saw a ginormous web stretching from the eave of my house to the grill beneath it, I was less than pleased. And when I saw its inhabitant, I ran back inside.

The next morning, I noticed the web was gone. “Good,” I thought. But that night, the web was back. I half expected it to say “Good Pig.” I warily eyed the spider as I waited for Max to venture back in for the yard. It ignored me.

After a few days, I realized that the spider rebuilds the hyooooooge (TM Trump) web every night! And peeking in on the spider turned into a ritual. Gone in the morning, when Max first goes out. Back at night, when Max goes out before bedtime.

BvP said that at this rate, in a few days I’ll start hurling crickets into the web at nights to feed her. (Did some research…the females keep the webs and are larger than the males.)

Tonight, after dark, I spent a half-hour watching her spin the web and my mind was blown.

If this little creature can build something 30 times its size, every single night, surely I can do a bunch of little things every single day (ex…Oatmeal breakfast bar instead of TastyKakes…water instead of soda) that may add up to make a difference.

And maybe spiders aren’t so bad.

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