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My Exciting Monday!!!111!!

April 25, 2005

The true, boring stuff is in black. The exciting and very untrue stuff is in an exciting pink! Read what you wish. It’s like a choose-your-own adventure blog!

At lunch I decided to visit my new extramarital love — the new library. I renewed I am Charlotte Simmons and checked out The Crystal Cave. I love Arthurian stories, and this is an old favorite of mine. On a whim, because I’m exciting like that, I decided to see what the cover of the Courier-Post looked like on the day I was born.

Yeah. I won’t be doing that again.

At lunch I decided to visit my new extramarital love — the new library. Unfortunately, on the way a dead body fell on top of my car while I was stopped at a traffic signal. It was more than a little bit jarring – but very exciting! I whipped out my handy Treo and called 911. Twenty-eight minutes later, the police were on the scene. Apparently, the victim was struck by lightning during a recent storm, and catapulted up into a tree. He/They (did I mention the body was that of conjoined twins? How exciting!) were reported missing by their family and because I technically *found* them, I received a $1,000 reward! Exciting, no?

I see so many news stories at work that they tend to blend together. That’s why I always chuckle softly when a reader calls and asks me to find a story for them. “It was about a man named Chad, who was recognized at work for a heroic act. Something having to do with a child. Or a dog. Anyway, it ran in December. Or maybe October. Do you remember?”

One of today’s stories really struck me: Homebuilding project is to be women-only (Link only good for 7 days)

Another Habitat for Humanity house is going up. Which is good. What makes it unique is that it’s being built strictly by women.

The first woman quoted in the story always wanted to work on a Habitat house but “(She) never did, however, for fear she would be intimidated on the construction site by men who knew much more than she.”

Sweet merciful crap! How 1905 is that? Can you imagine how this would play out in other arenas? “Kim always wanted to work for a newspaper. She never did, however, for fear she would be intimidated in the pressroom by men who knew much more than she.” “Marie always wanted to work in a lab…” “Susan always wanted to vote….” “Sally always wanted to be an astronaut…”

Mad props to the women who have worked on Habitat houses alongside of men. Women who aren’t afraid to know less than other people (male or female) at first. Heck, when I built the house we live in now, I wasn’t afraid at all to deal with more knowledgable men on the job.

Women who are afraid of being intimidated in new situations will NEVER make strides.

As the great Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

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