January 25, 2005

I JUST found this online: Oh no, January 24th! . Turns out that January 24th is the most depressing day of 2005!! Damn if I’m NOT a trend-follower.

Plus, I also received an exciting package in the mail.

Me: (one day last week) I don’t know…I don’t want to go back to the dermatologist. It can’t be healthy to be on antibiotic ALL the time.
Thor: Back when I was in retail (pharmacy…he used to be the pissed off man in the lab coat behind the counter of a MAJOR drug store chain) a lot of the customers swore by Proactiv. You should try—
Me: (runs to the computer…leaving a trail of dust behind)

…and a nasty note from the mailman. “Have the walkways clear of snow & ice” is written on the back of my Courier-Post W2 envelope. Um…okay. I took Max on his walk tonight, and we are definately in the upper 10% of houses when it comes to clear walkways. We had a bit of wind and melting, that’s all.

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