Where’s Hank Williams, Jr?

August 28, 2004

Where’s Hank Williams, Jr?
Wt: 437.2 (+281.8)
Mood: Happy…it’s Saturday!
Housework: Doing laundry…will do light cleaning this afternoon
Plans? None for today, trip to AC with Mom tomorrow. 😉

For the last 4 or so years, I’ve been a part of my brother’s friends’ fantasy football league. Quite possibly for their amusement only. We used to run it through Smallworld, with a $50 million dollar salary cap. You could pick anyone you wanted, as long as you didn’t spend more than $50M, even if others in your league already had the players.

Worked ok for me, as I just picked names I heard of from TV. As long as I touched the team once a week, I was happy. Suffice it to say I never finished well.

This year, they decided to do a REAL draft and run the team through Yahoo Sports. No more picking my team on my own. No more coasting. I had to do some research. D’oh!

Have I mentioned yet that I don’t like football? No? Oh. Ok. I don’t like football. It’s tedious and here in South Jersey, some totally normal people turn into frothing, beer swigging, knuckle dragging, mouthbreathing asshats whenever the local team (Eagles) is brought up. I swear, fists would fly at an Eagles charity softball game.

I kid. People are just passionate about football here, that’s all. 😉

So I did my homework, pulled a crappy draft order (7th out of 8), and last night walked into my first draft. It was pretty nervewracking, to say the least. Here is my team, the Legend Killers. Apologies to WWE Champ Randy Orton — Randy, if you’re upset about my stealing your nickname for my piddly football team, feel free to come and reprimand me any time. I’ve been a bad girl.

legend killers
jeff garciajake delhomme
QB Jeff GarciaQB Jake Delhomme
derrick masondarrell jacksonandre johnson
WR Derrick MasonWR Darrell JacksonWR Andre Johnson
jamal lewismarshall faulkkevan barlow
RB Jamal LewisRB Marshall FaulkRB Kevan Barlow
adam vinatieriboo williams
K Adam VinatieriTE Boo Williams
sweet baby jeebus, what have I done?
D Philadelphia Eagles

I just hope none of these guys are dead, retired or in jail. What do you think?

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