October 21, 2003 – from WDW

October 21, 2003

(insert Moroccan greeting here) Blogging LIVE from Epcot’s Morocco this morning! We’re at the Food and Wine Festival, and just a few moments ago, I ate FROG LEG CHOWDER!.


Dinner last night was very good — we had eaten at Artist Point on our 1st anniversary, and the food was as good as I remembered. I had the cedar plank smoked salmon and David had a Buffalo steak. As in steak from a buffalo — not steak covered in spicy sauce. Afterward, we went to Pleasure Island. We experienced some live jazz, saw a show at the Adventurers Club and then went to a show at the Comedy Warehouse. It’s improv comedy, and unfortunately they really had an off night. A long and dark bus ride took us back to the room, where we dozed off after 11.

Today we woke again at 8:30. Came to Epcot and rode MISSION:Space! Twice. Within an hour. (urk) The ride, we feel, is truly worth the hype surrounding it. Now we’re grazing from the Food and Wine Festival booths, which I think I already typed, but the windows on this kiosk are so darn small I can’t see what I typed.

Tonight we’re dining at Le Cellier (Epcot Canada) if we’re not too stuffed from the grazing. It’s 86 degrees, sunny, and humid. Hottest day yet. Maybe a trip to the pool this afternoon is in order.

Wish you were here! (Insert Moroccan goodbye here)

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