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September 8, 2003

September 8, 2003

So much to say!
Most importantly, I feel better! Yay! After 2+ weeks of aches, pains, and coughing I finally feel myself again. Yesterday morning I woke up rested and able to breathe deeply w/o coughing. I guess we have to be sick from time to time to appreciate how good it feels to be healthy.

Written last night
Birthday wrapup
David surprised me with a Nintendo Game Cube and the new Zelda game on Friday. That was sweet, since I didn’t ask for anything and didn’t expect anything (given I just had taken a trip to Cali w/o him and all). Online and Marketing gave me a chocolate cake (mmmmm!) and a card. I know they like me because the card was lacking the snide remarks that everyone else gets in their card. So that was good. Thanks to Damon for organizing it. Came home and tried to snooze before the Dave Matthews Band concert.

We got to the Tweeter early so that we could eat and stake out a nice spot on the lawn. We brought a large beach towel. I was wearing shorts and a tee, but as soon as we passed through the gates, a mighty gust of wind reminded me that 1) I was going to be right by the river and 2) it gets colder when the sun sets. Bought a long-sleeved concert t-shirt (DMB puts out the fugliest tour merchandise) and was much better. Grabbed a spot with our backs against the back wall of the Tweeter, so we could have something to lean against. During the opening act, (North Mississippi Allstars) we watched a couple have a nice verbal fight not too far in front of us. Hand gestures and all. Methinks the lady wasn’t happy with sitting on the grass. Just a hunch. DMB hit the stage late, but the show was wonderful. They played 3 of the 4 songs I wanted to hear: Crash, Two Step and What Would You Say. (No Crush…I found out they performed that one on the 6th. S’ok. That song does things to me anyway – best to listen in private). I knew every song, too! Here’s the entire setlist from the show. By “Two Step” I was getting pretty chilled, so we beat it before the encores. Proves how old I am, hm?

The crowd was…um…interesting. You can divide them up into two groups, the college-age kids who are old enough to get beer (or to have friends to get beer for them) but still young enough that the girls scream when they see their girlfriends. “Oh mY GAWWWWWWWWWWD!” They think they are incredibly cool because they smoke weed, man. Then you have the ones in their 30s, who were in college when DMB hit mainstream. We’re happy because we don’t get out much and appreciate concerts when we have a chance to see them.

As soon as DMB hits the stage, everyone who has weed lights up. A few songs in, a guy comes to the wall about 10 or so feet away from us and relieves himself on the wall. Gross. No more than 5 minutes later, (during One Sweet World) a couple plops down IN THE SAME SPOT and begins to have sex. We are repulsed, but fascinated. “Doesn’t he feel the wet spot?” David muses. Onlookers give the guy the thumbs up, and he flashes one back, along with a “Yeah, I’m gettin some!” smile. DMB becomes mere background music now as we watch the freak show around us. The couple finishes with a flourish, and an onlooker cheers. Onlooker turns to walk away, and he’s Event Security! Which bodes the question, what do you have to do to get kicked out of the Tweeter Center? All night, Number 7 (the number on the wall) attracted those who had to pee, and couples who had to … “Crash” into each other. I guess if you want it bad enough, you don’t mind sitting in urine.

Staff gave out condoms to us as we left. David: “You should have given these out on the way in!” All in all, a great show.

Afterwards, I logged into the game to find about 2 dozen people ready to help me on the Aerlinthe quest. With great organization by our monarch, Icedancer, we completed the quest, and I got the kill. I was so happy I cried. For reasons I will detail in another post.

Back to this morning!
More bday and weekend news later.

Mood: Happy
Diet?: Restarting today, thankyouvery much. Am armed with good foods and strong will.
Work docket: Ingle, Faith, fix up living section and sports cutline.
Lunch: Smart Ones Peppercorn Beef
Afternoon: Work on continuing socialization of Max, laundry.
Evening: May hit the sack early tonight.

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