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Max, day 1

August 15, 2003

Max, day 1

Went to Target and spoiled the dog rotten. Went to the Animal Orphanage and picked up the dog. He was pretty spooked when we brought him to the car, but he enjoyed looking out the window. The vet deemed him healthy, with a strong heartbeat, clear lungs, and heartworm-negative. Took a rabies shot. Great! Brought him home, and he proceeded to *attempt* to mark the furniture. Once we convinced him not to, he puttered around, solicited scritches and got to know the area. Misty took a swing at him and was banished to the middle room. Charlie hissed and ran to the bedroom. Misty has since emerged and has been atop her scratching post platform, eyeing up the competition. Charlie won’t be seen for days.

Things we’ve learned about Max:
1) He likes to run, and pulls HARD on the leash. We’ll probably have to switch to a harness-type collar so that he doesn’t smush his neck when pulling.
2) He can run FAR. He bolted out the door earlier and ran 6 buildings down before snatched him. I really don’t want to microchip him, but he freaked me out.

Now he’s coughing a bit, and spitting up some clear phlegmmy stuff. I’m a smidge concerned, given past canine health history.

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