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My mind is all a-swirl with thoughts of the new, nameless dog

August 11, 2003

My mind is all a-swirl with thoughts of the new, nameless dog. He — we’ll call him Rufus for the time being — chose us. After perusing Petfinder.org, David and I went to the Animal Orphange on Saturday. We had two dogs in mind. Both were young, but not puppies. One had “food and treat possession issues” which we didn’t think would bode well with the Meows. The second wasn’t to be found. We passed down the corridor. All of the dogs on either side looked sadly at us. Then we saw “Yo-Yo.” (Must, must change name…I will not have a dog named “Yo-Yo.” Poor love.)

Small, black and brown, with matted fur (poor love, how long did you wander outside in the heat and rain before being found?), he got up on his hind legs and poked his snout through the chain-link at us. His little stump-tail (poor love, who butchered you like that in the name of ‘proper appearance’?) wagged happily.


We took him out to a playyard, where he peed on every scrap of vegetation, and then sniffed at the dogs in the adjoining yard. No growls. No barks. David and I sat on a bench and observed him. And wouldn’t you know the little bugger jumped on the bench and then on my lap?


We filled out the Adoption application (hope it goes ok, the cats are behind in their shots) and now we keep our fingers crossed. He has to be at the shelter until at least Friday, since he was brought in as a stray. (Poor love, who left you behind once you passed puppyhood?) I refrained from buying any dog-supplies at Target yesterday. The staff said we could come and play with him any time we wanted. They’ll groom and neuter him before we pick him up. We’ll take him straight to the vet, and then home.

But first we need to think of a name for the pup. Jake? Oliver? Max? Arthur? Gotta be a guy’s name, since my other animals all have relatively human names.

Wt: 139.8. But the upswing ends. Today. I’m wearing a new size 6 skirt that feels like a girdle. Enough to remind me to get back on program.
Mood: Pleasant.
Work docket: I think Hot Jobs are done forever. I didn’t get a list from Recruitment. I knew they’re going to change the system — I bet in the end we’ll have MORE work to do. Did Ingle and Faith and “Spot on Vacation” page. Will work on new contest page, plus a new contest to add to the page.
Afternoon plans: To the gym, and then to visit “Rufus” at the shelter. If I show committment to visiting him, they’ll HAVE to give him to us, right?
Evening: Shower off the shelter-stink — “Rufus” reeks. Burn the BlueDomino version of my web to a CD and cancel my BD account, since it appears the DNS transfer has taken effect. Much faster than I thought, too.

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