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I love the nightlife

August 8, 2003

I love the nightlife
The worries about non-blog-able things have ceased for now. I drove home with a bubbly feeling I hadn’t had in a while. This is the weekend! Or “Bon weekend” as we say here at Chez LadyGypsy. It’s Friday night! My afternoon strategy was to sleep until dinnertime. We were going to go to Chez Elena Wu this evening. David was awake when I got home, meaning he didn’t sleep yet. So I sink into our recliner, known throughout the apartment for its uncanny ability to sap every ounce of alertness out of whoever sits there. Well, first I got changed and grabbed my pillow and Kronk, the bear.

Yes. I am almost 31 and I still need to cuddle a stuffed thing to sleep. At least I don’t do drugs, OK?

There is something decadent about sleeping on a summer afternoon. The shadows elongate across the room as the sun sets. The lighting changes. It’s gorgeous. I slept peacefully for about 4 hours, my bliss peppered by dreams of swirling colors. And dancing. And laughter. And I experienced the sweet joy of waking on my own, without an alarm. So now I’m awake, David’s asleep, cats are asleep and Chez Elena Wu never happened.

I broke down and rented a movie from Comcast On Demand. I’d LOVE to browse through the listings and find a good, old movie that I’ve never seen. Like “On the Town.” Or “Singin’ in the Rain.” But no. So I settle for Adaptation, which has characters whinier than all of my blog entries combined, PLUS all of the blogs of the “I hate my parents/school” teens out there. And now I just witnessed Nicholas Cage’s character fantasizing about intercourse with Meryl Streep’s character. Zap! Off goes the movie.

What now? Well, I’ll head to Wawa for a sandwich and hop into Asheron’s Call in about an hour, when most of my west-coast guild start to play. And you know what? It’s been a great Friday! 🙂

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