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Live from Asbury Park!

July 17, 2003

Live from Asbury Park!

Drove solo this morning…all went well except for the rock that hit my windshield and left a quarter-size dent. Looks like I was shot at. 🙂 OH well….worse things could happen. I was up until almost 4 am playing Asheron’s Call and my new game, Star Wars Galaxies. (sigh). I have a scout wannabe named Caerlia (or something like that). I didn’t play much, but I hope it’s fun.

Wt: 138.6
Mood: Sleeeeeeeeeepy
Work docket: Training here at Asbury
Lunch: Leaving here at 1ish.
Afternoon: Boy, do I need a nap.
Evening: Guild meeting at 9:00.

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