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July 10, 2003

Fact: I left my Learning Perl book at home today, so I guess I’ll ignore the frozen meal I brought and go out for lunch.
Fact: I also left my wallet at home (in yoga bag), so I guess I’m staying IN for lunch.

Wt: 137.6. Now that I have eaten every Cool Ranch Dorito in the apartment, I think my eating plan will be smoother for the next few days.
Mood: Askew. I’ve not been sleeping well at all lately, and it’s starting to show.
Work docket: Communities is good. Will do scrapbook, work on a contest promo, and HOPEFULLY start working on the Community guide. I seriously need to get moving on that. Today I’ll work on new photos/cutlines.
Lunch plans: Ummm…staying in. (sheepish smile)
Afternoon: Dunno
Evening: I *think* Coffee and Coping at Starbuck’s.

Travel: OK…New York is off, but I’m going to Florida with Erin the first weekend in August for a Disney Commando weekend. Get there Friday 8/1 in time for dinner. Be back Sunday 8/3 in time for bed and work on Monday morning. Not too shabby, hm? I’m going to keep this somewhat on the down-low here, as I fear my coworkers already think I’m crazy.

I did get my weeping wand yesterday (and Dierdre the Pain hit level 72!) but I can’t wield it until I have a base Life Magic Skill of 300. Which is 40 points away from what my skill is now. Oh, and the wand is no-drop, so I have to lug it around until I can use it. 🙂

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