June 25, 2003

Well, I missed Tai Chi (which I’ll probably forever mistakenly call Chai Tea) last night due to a few issues. No worries. I’ll get there next week. (See? I don’t blog EVERYTHING!)

Wt: 139.2
Mood: Summery. It’s so nice to have it hot and humid out. And did I mention sunny?
Lunch: Will either use one of the tuna kits I have stored or go out.
Work docket: Did online mall. Grabbed remainder of missing recipes from archives…will reinsert them into database. Right now I’m working on End of Month Values (an ad supplement). There’s allegedly another ad supplement, Generations, that was supposed to publish today.
Afternoon: Will probably nap. This is NOT a good thing to do, though, because now I’m getting 3 hours of sleep in the afternoons, staying up until after midnight, and grabbing 3 more hours. But if I don’t sleep this afternoon, I’ll be a mess for yoga. Maybe I’ll go food shopping instead.
Evening: Yoga at 7:30. First week of new session.
Sign of impending apocalypse: Here at work we have a closed-circuit TV channel which endlessly loops a string of PowerPoint slides. It gives us info on who’s having a birthday, yesterday’s closing price for Gannett stock, weather, company events, etc. And a Quote of the Day. Yesterday’s quote of the day was from Thomas Kincade, “Painter of Light”©. Shoot me.

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