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Well, I tried mascara again today.

May 29, 2003

Well, I tried mascara again today. Let’s see if it stays on.

Wt: 139.2
Mood: Pensive. Also stupid. The IRA Regatta’s happening RIGHT NOW at Cooper River. I thought I was going to cover today, so I dressed in jeans. Oops. I don’t go until tomorrow. (sheepish)
Work docket: Did scrapbook and communities. Working on golf now. I also have to clean up my recipes database. Some funky data is causing the section not to work.
Lunch: Brought a Smart Ones chicken lunch.
Afternoon/Evening: Unknown. I suppose I’ll update kimberussell.com, since it will be a week since Mickey’s passing. 🙁 And I want to go drop off some jewelry to be repaired. I may take another stab at “Moveable Type” because I’m becoming impatient with Blogger’s downtime and screwy archiving. Maybe it’s due to a popularity surge, but since the Google Acquisition, I’m getting more errors trying to deal with Blogger than ever. 🙁

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