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Hopefully the pooch will come home today.

May 21, 2003
mickey and i back in december
Mickey and I back in December. Poor pooch had two teeth pulled that afternoon.

Hopefully the pooch will come home today. We went to visit him last night, and while Mickey was excited to see us, it’s evident he’s tired of being in the hospital. He has that ‘look’ that hospital patients have — rumpled, weary, resigned. We got to visit his cage in the back, as he was sharing an IV monitor with another dog. All of the sick furbabies (Kayli, Walki, Porter, and Uno the stray kitten) were happy to see us, and we paid attention to all of them.

Wt: 139. Holding steady
Mood: So tired from all the ups and downs of the past week. My 9/11 stress headache is back. Named suchly because I first noticed it in the weeks following 9/11/01.
Work docket: Food day. Will do recipes, dining guide, and update chef’s table.
Lunch: Will grab salad from Saladworks
Afternoon: A nap sounds good. But doesn’t it always at 7:30 am?
Evening: Yoga if it doesn’t interfere with taking the pooch home.

Today is Dollar Sundae Wednesday, the C-P’s attempt to boost our morale by having us pay $1.00 for an ice cream sundae. They promo it as an opportunity to share fellowship and fun. Eeesh. Sounds like a church youth group. Anyhoo, it starts at 2:00 pm — my quitting time — which makes me think I won’t be hanging around.

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