That poor little dog.

State of the Pooch:
That poor little dog. 🙁 Vet called this morn and said that the dog is showing signs of Addison’s Disease and pancreatitis. Let’s break this down:

1) Addison’s Disease is a disease of the adrenal glands. Treatment of Addison’s is some steroids (pill form) daily. This will be verified by a test they’re going to do on Mickey today.
2) Pancreatitis: Swelling/inflammation of the pancreas. An ultrasound today (they’re going to transport the dog to a Cherry Hill office to do this test — poor dog) will see if this is true, and why. If it’s a tumor in the pancreas, then it’s pretty much ‘game over’ for Mickey. We’ll make him comfortable at home for as long as we can before the cancer eventually kills him. Pancreatic tumors are (I’m pretty sure) not operable — or at least they’re not in a 12 year old dog with diabetes and a heart condition. 🙂

PLUS, they’re going to be blood-testing him every 2 hours to see where his sugar levels spike. PLUS, he’ll most probably be staying at the vet’s overnight again.

I hurt.

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