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So the Vet got mad at David…

May 19, 2003

So the Vet got mad at David because we gave Mickey 3 units of insulin this morning when we were expressly told not to. If he was hypoglycemic, the insulin would have killed him. Of course, we KNEW he wasn’t hypoglycemic, because the symptoms displayed were diabetic ones. (sigh) Turns out the insulin helped the dog out a bit. However, he lost 2 pounds this weekend. 🙁 The Vet decided to keep Mickey there for the day to monitor him, test his blood count, and basically figure out what the hell is going on. This is the same freaking thing that happened with Noelle years ago, and I’m suitably nervous.

In other news, I think the Big Boss forgot about meeting me. And the water in the building is shut off, so nobody can use the bathroom.

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