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What a surreal evening.

May 17, 2003

What a surreal evening. David slept until 7pm. I fell asleep on the chaise after watching a bit of TV. That was around 8ish. David woke me up at 3am to go to bed, since I was looking a bit pretzel-like. I lay in bed and the mind started to wake up. I thought about if I had staged something for the site. If I didn’t, it would be gone all weekend. (CPO.com has two servers…staging and live. Changes made to the live server happen immediately. Staging overwrites live at 3:00 each morning. That lets us post tomorrow’s news. If I put something live and NOT on staging, it disappears at 3am) Hm. Tortured, I get back up, hop on the PC. Stuff is gone. Damn.

So I can’t let it be broken all weekend, given big raise and kudos given less than 24 hours prior, so I throw some clothes over my nightie and prepare to leave. David’s still awake so he offers to accompany. Go to the office, re-upload the stuff, (staging and live) and am out in about 10 minutes. Now we’re hungry, since we skipped dinner.

We stop at Starlite diner in Magnolia around 4:10ish for a bite to eat. Of ALL things, I end up eating an openfaced grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and tomato! I’m back in bed by 5:00 am and dream the psychadelic dreams of one who had grilled cheese w/bacon and tomato before bed. David hobbles in at 9am. I hobble out, since someone has to be awake to take Mickey to the vet at 11:00 for his blood test.

So that was my big “Celebrate the HUGE raise” evening. 🙂

I also missed our Guild Festival Meeting, which happened at 9pm EST…I feel like a real bum about that. 🙁

And while we’re at it:
Wt: 139.0. Not too shabby for one who had a freaking grilled cheese sandwich w/BACON and tomato before bed.

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