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April 30, 2003

Here I sit in practically perfect splendor. Stylishly blonde-chunked hair swept up into a clip. New suit from New York and Company…light beige singlebreasted L/S jacket coming down past the waist. Calf-length skirt that flares out ever so slightly at the bottom. White linen cami-top from the Gap. Delicately eating my healthy oatmeal breakfast (God Bless Quaker Oatmeal Express, and Havco vending for bringing it to my vending machine!)

Wt: 137.4, which if I recall correctly, is the lowest I’ve been yet. I think. I’ll have to verify
Mood: Vacation-y yet tired due to spur-of-the-moment Acid Prism quest that didn’t finish until 12:15 am!
Work docket: Online Mall (waiting for an ad now), Riversharks Special Section (which published a day early — nobody told us), recipe update and MAYBE help Damon with BOSJ section if I have time.
Lunch Plans: Wanted to hit a sale at Strawbridges. Most of my new shorts are low-rise. I have mostly high-rise dainties. That simply will not do.
Afternoon: 3:00 appointment for knee x-rays just to make sure that I haven’t become deformed since LAST year’s knee xrays.
Evening: Pack like a wildwoman. Go to yoga at 7:30.

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