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Baby’s first brow wax

April 29, 2003

Late blog…

Yesterday’s menu: Two candy bars, a slice of chocolate cake and a cheesesteak w/fried onions and ketchup

Wt: Bwahahhahah…what-EVER!
Mood: Anxious over brow wax
Work docket: Updated Static, doing photo Static gallery, updated Lank/Ingle pages (w/new ad tags and prop7s), Spot News May database.
Lunch plans: Going to mall to eat healthful salad and buy Disney Dollars
Afternoon plans: Brow wax at 3:00. I’m terrified. After my hair is TORN from my face, I’ll continue with laundry and try to ignore the blood pouring down my face.
Evening: Coffee and Coping at Starbuck’s. Start packing.

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