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April 25, 2003

April 25, 2003

Yay! “A Mighty Wind” was a very funny movie. Sentimental too…I didn’t expect that. Now I want to rent “Waiting for Guffman” and “Best in Show.”

Double Yay!!! IT seems there are now little microwavable bowls of Quaker oatmeal for sale in the vending machine. A nice hearty breakfast just in time for … summer? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I’m so sick of my “banana and milk” breakfast that I’ll welcome the 210 calorie bowl with open arms. Or is that open mouth?

A week from now: We’ll be in North Carolina and in for another full day of driving. I’m looking forward to it. Except for the fact that two of David’s coworkers have the flu and are teasing that he’s going to get it for vacation. That’s a pretty rotten thing to tease someone about, frankly. (shrug) Oh well. If we’re gonna be sick, may as well be sick at Walt Disney World. I brought my Tourist Mickey beanie to work with me today as motivation.

Wt: I chickened out with today’s weigh-in. I have been junk fooding all week. (sigh) Maybe I’ll weigh on Tuesday. I’m 99% sure that (barring a stomach bug) I’ll not reach my 135 goal by Thursday. My original plan was to quit my diet at 135 or when vacation started, whatever came first. Now I’m thinking about June 15 as a cut-off.

Mood: Free and easy. Knees are bugging again. I haven’t had knee pain since I was heavier. I hope the tendonitis isn’t returning. Could you imagine? Walt Disney World with a flu-infected David and a hobbling, teething Kim?

Lunch: A meat-filled post-Lent Friday lunch! Seriously, probably a salad.

Work docket: Hot Properties (playing the ‘waiting for ad’ game now), Pro sports section rehabs. Gotta collect a dollar from my peers for Peter’s Birthday on Monday.

Afternoon: YMCA?

Friday night: unknown

Saturday: Continue Spring cleaning bend. We really want to be able to come home to a nice house after vacation. I also have to grab my spring/summer duds out of storage, as well as our cooler.Oooo! Our suitcases are in storage too! I may hit the gym tomorrow morning as well to make up for not going on Monday.

(checks ad…not ready yet)

Sunday: More cleaning. There’s a wrestling PPV at 8:00. Panera’s too.

OK..ad not ready yet so I have a minute to nuke some oatmeal. Mmm! I can’t believe I’m excited over oatmeal. The 30’s do suck, Readers.

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