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Saturday’s plan

March 24, 2003

Saturday’s plan: Hit Body Pump, clean house, Wings Game.
Saturday’s reality: Headed to Ocean City less than 30 minutes after I wrote about Saturday’ plan. Ate cheese fries. Played Asheron’s Call. Wings defeated Buffalo.



Two numbers that came into play bigtime yesterday.

Sixty: Dierdre the Pain hit level 60 yesterday. That’s a pretty huge accomplishment. I’m almost halfway to the max level of 126. I forgot to take a screenshot though. :/

Eight: Went to Old Navy yesterday, and bought two pair of jeans in a size eight. EIGHT! One pair fits well, the other is a skosh tight but wearable. Never did I think I’d be wearing single digit jeans. Skirts are one thing, but JEANS are another. Along with that, I bought two skirts, four knit tee shirts, a pair of khaki capris (size 10 for baggy comfort) and a pair of shoes.

Wt: 144 (AIEEEEEEEE!) OK, well…I deserved it. I ate like old-skool Kim this weekend. Damn. I should have had that donut I bought last night but didn’t eat because I thought I was having a good day.
Mood: Determined to be happy in my job.
Work docket: Waiting for hot jobs now. Will do search and replace on Scrapbook today. And prolly tomorrow. That’s a BIG job.
Lunch plans: I didn’t have nuthin’ to bring. Maybe a BK Veggie burger will hit the spot.
Afternoon plans: YMCA, food shop
Evening plans: Food shop if I don’t do it in the afternoon.

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