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Yeah yeah…I’m still alive

March 21, 2003

Yeah yeah…I’m still alive.

Wt: 140.8 – VERY good given how poorly I’ve eaten yesterday.
Mood: Trying earnestly not to be a burnt-out techie.
Work Docket: Redo Hot Jobs and other MivaScripts in the new design, with new tracking coding and ad tags. That’ll take up most of my day. 🙂
Lunch plans: I’m going out. Honest! Will have a salad or a veggie sub (meatless Lenten Friday) and maybe pick up some springy stuff.
Afternoon: YMCA
Evening: David works tonight, so nothing fun. I’ll maybe secret myself away at Starbucks and read more of Second Acts. What will my next career be?
Saturday: Wings game at 8:00. Balcony Suite, baby!!
Sunday: Church at 8:30. Panera w/Mom most probably.

Sad news: The Blackwells can’t go to WDW with us in May, due to the influence of evil employers. 🙁 David and I will probably end up flying now, as 95% of the fun of driving down with them is driving down with THEM. 🙁

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