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March 8, 2003

Yes! I went to the gym! Boo-yah!

We had dinner at Chez Elena Wu, where I had their honey walnut shrimp. Yum! Saw Jeckyll and Hyde last night. John put on a wonderful performance as Lord Savage, and I know he really had to work hard to pretend enjoying that brothel scene. 😉 The play inspired me to wear half of my hair in a ponytail and half messy next week.

“Kim, can you do this special section with ads by the end of the day? We don’t know where the stories are and you’ll have to get the ads yourself. There may be a photo.”
(neatly ponytailled Kim) “Sure!”
**Kim turns her head to reveal the unkempt hairdo**
(crazed Hyde-Kim) “DIE!!!!!!!!!”

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