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March 3, 2003

March 3, 2003

You know you’ve eaten too much when the waist of your pantyhose hurts. 🙁

Weekend was good. Saturday afternoon I went to Nicole’s birthday, which was my first-ever bday party with a clown. Her name was PomPom. Wings squeaked by Columbus on Saturday night. Mickey got a bath, and Dierdre the Pain hit level 59.

Mood: Apprehensive. Again, there is SO much on my plate today.
Work docket: Hot jobs (waiting on some ads now), online law check, South Jersey Unlimited (a HUGE supplement that came out on Sunday). I already did the Ingle column. Lank’s was updated yesterday. 🙂
Lunch plans: Brought Healthy Choice grilled chicken sonoma. But I have to run to McMillan’s bakery during lunch to pick up a cake for Alex’s birthday. I also have to collect the rest of the money from my cohorts FOR aforementioned cake.
Afternoon: To the YMCA to work off my weekend of gastronomic sin
Evening: No clue.

Lent starts on Wednesday. I really want to get back with the Church. I think it’s something I need in my directionless life. On Wed, I’ll try and swing by Mass in the morning to get ashes. My dilemma is what to give up for Lent. I SHOULD give up online gaming, but geez, it’s the only leisure thing that I do. 🙁 I don’t think I’m that good of a person to give up Asheron’s Call for 40 days. I think I’ll settle for giving up chocolate.

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