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February 17, 2003 – morning

February 17, 2003

Today’s lead story in South Jersey’s BEST Newspaper…


I think there has to be about 2 feet of snow out there, and it continues to fall. There are fewer than 50 people here at work. Why? Because it’s a freaking state of emergency!

It took me 25 minutes to get out of the parking lot. 15 of those minutes were spent trying to back out of my spot without hitting the large pile of snow helpfully plowed behind my car. (see image below)

The drifts are enormous! Here’s a photo showing how little room I had once I pulled out. Hey, I was late for work anyway, may as well take a few historic blizzard shots.

Believe it or not, it wasn’t too too bad once I managed to get out of my parking lot. (We’re on an incline.) I was the only car on the road this morning, except for the plows. I ran every red light for fear I’d get stuck if I’d stop. And when I had to gun up the engine so I could burst through the ridge of snow that blocked the offramp to Cuthbert Blvd, I was living my Dukes of Hazzard fantasy.

So now I’m here. Folks say that back during the blizzard of 1996, those who made it in to work got two paid vacation days as ‘thanks.’ THAT would be nice.

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