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January 30, 2003 – morning

January 30, 2003

Wt: Didn’t weigh today. I will NOT succumb to being “Cathy.”
Work docket: Did communities, will do scrapbook, customer service page.
Lunch plans: Brought Healthy Choice Chicken Sonoma
Afternoon: Appt at Salon at the Ritz for a cut and color at 3:00. I’m still unsure if I”m going to stick with reddish or go back to blonde.
Evening: Set up new China cabinet!!! My dining room set should be delivered today between 8:00am and noon.

Here’s South Jersey’s BEST Newspaper’s lead story: Trooper kills man in Camden. Lots of unanswered questions on my part. Like, why didn’t the trooper merely let go of the car? It wouldn’t have been a deadly situation had the trooper let go of the car. Surely, since there was backup, they could have pursued the vehicle. I’m sure there was an alternative way of going about this other than shooting the driver in the head.

I’m wearing a new outfit today. The black turtleneck knit sweater’s old, but I have a new ankle length slim denim skirt (size 8, yay!) that I’m wearing with it. Plus, I loosely draped a scarf around my neck and secured it with my Mickey Mouse silver pin. (Always Disney SOMEwhere). Chunky black belt, black tights, and black ankle boots finish the set. I look good. However, I’m dressing like I’m in my 30s. Which, sadly, is appropriate.

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