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January 11, 2003 – afternoon

January 11, 2003

Happy Saturday!

Saw Chicago at the Ritz 16…what a fantastic film. Go see it. Marvel at Catherine Zeta-Jones’s voice. (Jones’? Jone’s?) See Richard Gere tapdance. Support musicals.

We went to Organized Living this afternoon, where I bought some magazine issue holders and a cheapy ‘beech’ bookcase for the bedroom. Right now my ‘library’ is all over the floors of various rooms. It’ll be nice to get it organized.

I had a large lunch at PF Changs (crispy honey shrimp) and didn’t go to the gym. I’m literally afraid to get on the scale now. I’ve been making excuses for what, 3 weeks now? I have meatballs cooking in the crockpot for dinner — about 4 hours from now. 🙂 I love my weekends.

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