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January 6, 2003 – evening

January 6, 2003

I was very good and went to Genuardi’s on the way home and bought lots of quality stuff to cook. Then I proceeded to munch on a donut (last night’s dinner) and some Christmas Peppermint Patties and those teeny Snicker’s bite sized things (smaller than the usual “fun size”) that were on sale for 25 cents a bag. Same candy as the regular price….just in festive red and green Ho Ho Ho wrappers. I hope David wakes up soon…he’ll get rid of a bunch of them for me. >:)

I just got back from the YMCA, where I did 1.53 miles on the dinky treadmill (good ones taken), 15 assisted chinups, 15 ab crunchy things and some thigh stuff. I am BEAT tired and could very well just go to sleep for the evening. I officially release myself from any more household responsibilty this day.

Dinner will be a Lean Cuisine unless David wakes up soon. Then some Sims.

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