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January 4, 2003 – morning

January 4, 2003


Mood: Dread

Plans: Go to Philly to help clean out MomMom’s house, dinner w/David tonight at Fork in Philly.

Woke at 8:00ish for a 8:40 appointment with the doc for a blood test. Nothing wrong, just a routine thing. Came home and ate a smidge while training Dierdre Sim’s logic, then back out to Target for new sports bras (mine are too big now — sob!) and a new Sony Discman, for my old one broke after two years of hard use. I had a Balance Oasis bar (for women) — UGH how horrible. Tastes like the Fruit and Nut bar I used to sell when I worked for Jenny Craig. (those were dark days, friend) Next time I want nutrition, I’d be better off scrambling an egg. I also picked up a few frames.

THEN to the YMCA where I did 1.63 miles on the treadmill (25 minutes) and 15 assisted chinups (the machine lets you set a counterweight to help you pull yourself up. Now I’m pondering whether or not to shower now or before dinner. I’ll probably wait until after I get back from MomMom’s.

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